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Long time no post

It's been over 6 months D:
My life is just really boring hahaha.

Supanova is coming up! ELIZA DUSHKU!!!!!!!! I love her so much! I'm so excited!
But I have no money to get pictures or anything so I need to beg my parents >.< (Don't get my first pay for another 2 weeks)

I don't even know hahaha

18? *gasp*

Happy Friday the 13th everybody.
I just turned 18.
In the 54 minutes I have been 18 I feel exactly the same as seventeen
.....and when I was seventeen I felt about four.

I was a little afraid this birthday would be different, that I might actually feel older and more grown up.
I don't want to grow up though so I am glad I feel no differenece.

My best friend Maddy is coming today! She lives in Melbourne but her dad let her fly up for the weekend to help me celebrate.
I am so happy!!

On another note I got my formal skirt! It is awesome. PVC and cupcakey (My two favourite things!) I am getting really excited!!!!

But yeah, sorry I haven't been posting much, just haven't had anything to write about.
Exams are over and I'm an adult.
Time for me to change the world!

-hugs and rainbows-


 So I am graduated. Released as an adult into the world.
I should be really happy but I'm not,

In a way it feel like I have died. Suddenly I'm regretting everything I didn't say to people, everything I didn't do, all the times I should've said or done something to save a friendship and I didn't.
I guess that now I find out who my real friends are.
The past year has been full of lasts, Last sports carnival, last summer holidays, last free period, last overpriced canteen purchase, last assignment, last class, last insane lecture from Ms Morgan about me "asking too many off track questions" when it was Matt's fault. So many good times I am going to miss.
But all the firsts are going to come in the next year as well. First full-time job, first day of Uni (not for me), first day of TAFE, first time voting, first (and last) HSC exam.

I am going to miss everyone from school so much, even people i only spoke to once and even people who didn't like me. I am sad to think I will never see a lot of them again. =(

Everything I have ever known is finished. But so much is about to begin.
Preparing for the hurricane.

-hugs and rainbows-

Peter Pan Syndrome?

I am sick of being told to grow up.
I do not want to grow up!
I want to be 5 again. When people didn't think you strange for drinking tonnes of red cordial and eating fairy bread.
I want to wear denim overalls,
And those shoes that light up when you walk! (those were the coolest shoes ever!)
I want to be able to be hyper and a little bit mental.
I want to be back when the most fun in the world was just eating ice-cream and playing on the swings. and i thought my older cousins were the coolest because they painted their nails.

I dislike that I am mocked when I jump up and down at the suggestion of rainbow ice-cream or that I like to skip or eat fairy bread for breakfast.

-hugs and rainbows-


YAY internet.

Why is it so cold today? I think I am frozen.
Going for a walk now to try and defrost myself.
Happy Winter!


(25 words exactly. win.)